Friday, March 13, 2020

Internal Assessment ( IA ) Lab Report Guide Essays - Knowledge

Internal Assessment ( IA ) Lab Report Guide Essays - Knowledge Internal Assessment ( IA ) Lab Report Guide IB Biology - Mr. McGee Your internal assessment (IA) lab report is a professional document based on your accumulation of knowledge and abilities to act and function as a scientist. I know it is time consuming, but you are the scientist and we are excited to see your results! Have fun as you partake in the joy of being an independent scientist. You will produce a single typed document (typically 6-12 pages long) that will be assessed by myself as well as a random "external moderator," usually from a foreign country, during the summer months. Our scores will be compared and averaged for your final score. You will also receive a lab grade for the project my class. Remember, the IA lab reports constitutes 20% of your final IB score (80% is from papers 1, 2 3 which will be taken in May) and constitutes a large part of your overall Q3 grade in this classroom. The lab report is graded by merits of the five aspects and will be worth a total of 48 points. Personal Engagement Show evidence of your commitment and dedication to solving your research question. +2 Points (8%) Exploration Provide a well-designed lab complete with background research and focus on controls. +6 Points (25%) Analysis Processing data in a table(s) and graph(s) as well as use of appropriate statistics to support a conclusion. +6 Points (25%) Evaluation Concluding and discussing your data based on your research question and its implications to the world. +6 Points (25%) Communication The focus of your lab to the research question and your ability to clearly convey data, ideas and thoughts to readers. +4 Points (17%) Total +24 Points (100%) *Everything will be doubled, making 48 points total. Requirements of the IA Lab Report: Write your lab report in third person format. No "I" or "me." Must be typed in 12 point font in a legible, professional font (no comic-sans !). Graphs should be made on Microsoft Excel, but are permitted to be hand-drawn on paper if necessary. However, you must use sharpened pencils and be very careful to make it clear. A free alternative to Microsoft Excel is . It's nearly identical and free to download. All factual information must be cited and properly sourced on a separate works cited page. Lab report needs to be organized in the proper format as found on page 2 of this guide . If human volunteer subjects are used, the lab must have their signed consent sheets submitted. The final lab report must be printed and submitted to me by the de adline (this cannot be emailed , sorry ). Responsibilities: Make sure you develop a lab that is within your abilities and time to complete. Every year some hot shot tries to go above and beyond in what they see as the "ultimate lab", only to find that the deadline approaches and they ran out of test subjects, don't have enough trials, ran out of money, etc. Just keep it simple and you can succeed. It is your responsibility to appreciate the meaning of academic honesty , especially authenticity and intellectual property. You are also responsible for initiating your research question on your own and developing a method to test it. Seeking help when in doubt, d emonstra ting independence of thought, initiative in the design and implantation of your investigation are important for you to demonstrate as a scientist and as a student. The IA is your responsibility and it is your work. Plagiarism and copying other's work is not permissible. You must clearly distinguish between your own words and thoughts and those of others by the use of quotation marks (or another method, like indentation) followed by an appropriate citation that denotes an entry in the bibliography. It is preferred that you use MLA format (although biologists tend to use CSE or CMS format). Key Due Dates: January 19 th (Tuesday) Research Question Due (emailed, printed or written) February 3 rd (Wednesday) Draft (Lab Design ) Due (must bring printed copy) February 26 th (Friday) Draft (Complete Lab Report) Due (must bring printed copy) March 1 st (Tuesday) Final IA Lab Report Due (must bring printed copy) Types of Investigations: After you have covered a number of biology syllabus